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Adieu Skin Care


Adieu™ (ǎ·dew), the French word for “goodbye” sums up our feelings about aging skin.  The solution to this challenge cannot be found in a laboratory but in living plants that only nature can provide.

Our phyto-rich, therapeutic Adieu Skin Care ProductM is targeted for environmentally stressed skin with the objective to promote and improve daily skin health. Since the skin is our largest exposed organ, it receives the most oxidative abuse.  These toxin-induced free radicals must be successfully combated in order to achieve and retain beautiful skin.

Adieu™ Revitalizing Age Defense Night Treatment - As we age, our skin becomes more demanding.  More than a good night’s sleep is essential to look rested, renewed and revitalized.  This Aloe – based moisturizing cream with Flavosomes™ technology is the ultimate high-performance nighttime beauty treatment to help restore the skin’s look of youthful vitality and firmness. 

Flavosomes™ Technology 

One of the reasons that this formula is so effective is because it contains a proprietary group of plant extracts known as Flavosomes™.  These extracts contain natural occurring flavonoids and polyphenols including cynarin, silymarin, -(+) catechins, quercetin, kaempferol, hesperidin, rutin, isorhamnetin, apigenein, caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, saraponin, stigmasterol and glycolic acid.  All of these antioxidants have an extensive history of addressing the damage to skin brought on by chronic exposure to external and internal toxins, ultraviolet radiation, hormonal imbalances, free radical damage and what is considered normal degenerative processes due to aging.  These complex plant flavonoids promote the binding of protein links within the cell membranes, thereby supporting cellular repair, decreasing the normal healing inflammatory processes and minimizing the visible signs of aging.  These same flavonoids have been found to increase microcirculation to the skin as well as decrease capillary wall fragility.  Flavosomes™ help to normalize blood supply by supporting the body’s effort to provide adequate nutrition to the cells, which helps to eliminate the skin’s accumulation of metabolic and environmental toxins.  This process results in a smooth, more youthful complexion.  In addition, the presence of naturally occurring Glycolic Acid helps to dissolve the “cellular cement” that binds dead cells together.  This allows the skin’s dry, outer layer to be sloughed away, revealing a softer, revitalized glow. 

An Extraordinary Solution 

The Adieu Skin Care Program was developed for all skin types.  We all desire to look younger and to be healthier, but we are all vulnerable to the effects of aging, gravity and environmental damage.  It takes extraordinary products to reverse these challenges.  For your skin, the Adieu two – fold strategy is the solution.  Now we can all say “goodbye to aging skin”.

#390    Adieu Revitalizing Age Defense Night Cream 

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